Dawn of a new business age

Dawn Of A New Business Age: Part 1

2 Ways To use your body to change a problem into a solution

For many businesses, executives, entrepreneurs and leaders, times are changing. Business is changing. We are at the dawn of a new business age. The way we do business is evolving.

In this 3-part series we’ll be exploring how to navigate these changes by cultivating a body-mind connection and leveraging your body’s wisdom for success.


Work mindset vs home mindset

I was recently given a Sunday Times article, dating back to May 2016. Strangely, by two different people, both from two very different parts of my life.

It was titled, ‘Business is Business – But Home Life Must Stay Personal’, written by Luke Johnson.

In it, Johnson discussed the difficulties entrepreneurs and executives experience, whilst trying to navigate two separate mindsets and set of skills- those needed for work vs those needed at home.


The times, they are a-changing

Business these days is about building relationships. Authentic relationships.

Gone are the days of posturing like peacocks, pretending we have all the answers. Gone are the days of hiding behind the corporate facade.

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They want to feel like they are having a positive impact at work and at home.

Consumers want to know what causes your business supports before they part with their money.

Employees want to feel part of a team that is creating something meaningful. Money is rarely the only motivation for taking a job anymore.

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Be the leader you wish to see in the world

If you are in business, running your own company or currently employed, you have a huge opportunity to be a leader. In fact, whatever you are doing with your life, you have an opportunity to be a leader.

We are living in a new era. This era requires us to know ourselves on deeper levels.

We need to know what we value, what gives us a sense of purpose, what we enjoy and what we won’t tolerate any more. 

Are you encouraging and helping people up or are you stepping on them to get ahead? A true leader is someone who creates more leaders.

“The journey of true success and lasting leadership begins with the inward journey to the soul.” James Arthur Ray

Standing up and being a leader requires you to really know yourself, to be willing to be seen, to be vulnerable, open and to make mistakes. It requires a lot of self knowledge and self awareness.


Navigating the new business age

Use your body to change a problem into a solution

  • What if you could expand your knowledge exponentially by accessing your body’s wisdom?
  • What if you could change your mind by changing how you use and hold your body?
  • What if your body is one of the keys to business success in the new age of business?




    • Go for a walk, run or swim.
    • Put on music you like and dance around like no one is watching.
    • Moving your body will get your blood circulating, shift toxins and waste and get more oxygen to your brain as well as the rest of your body.
    • This will clear the cobwebs, focus your mind and allow the solution to make itself known.


2 Ways To Access Your Inner Business Guru2. Make like Superman

Changing how you use and inhabit your body changes your physiology and your mind!
    • Take a minute to stand up and move around. Stretch your arms wide and yawn.
    • Shake out your legs and wiggle your hips.
    • Now assume the superman pose! You know the one – spine straight, chest up, head up, hands on hips, confident as hell!
    • Hold the pose for a minimum of two minutes.
    • Keep your body and breath relaxed.
    • Your body will be busy raising testosterone and lowering adrenalin and cortisol.
    • This gives you the perfect blend of confidence chemicals!
    • After two minutes go back to your problem, knowing confidently that the solution is already on it’s way to you!
    • If the answer hasn’t popped up already, practice this for a day or so and see what happens.


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In Part 2 we discuss the importance of growing as an individual and as a leader and 2 Ways To Clear Physical, Mental And Emotional Blockages To Success 

In Part 3 we discuss infinite intelligence and explore 2 Ways To Access Your Inner Business Guru.