“I hope you realise what an amazing legacy you are leaving – how you are having such an amazing impact on the world around you and how the ripples of your work flow out deeper and further than you may realise – keep being you – cos you is totally awesome – thank you!!!”

Jay Blake, Brand Ambassador

“Self-Alchemy in the world of business is an extraordinary advantage. Applying Self-Alchemy techniques to myself and my business opened up possibilities I didn’t realise were there.

It has shifted my perception, expanded my awareness, broadened my knowledge of myself and thus others and has created a flow in my relation with clients and in generating new business.

Delighted to recommend Rebecca’s Self-Alchemy program to any business owner serious about personal and professional improvement.”

Shannon Eastman, Teach A Brand To Fish

“I really appreciate you talking with me last Monday. I have already tried implementing the tips and advice you have given me, and so far they have been extremely helpful.”

Amir, Accountants Assistant

“One of the main things I got from the workshop was that when I am in tune with my body I naturally trust myself more and that my body is a great tool for accessing my intuition and helping me make plans and decisions.”

Rosie, workshop attendee